Panasonic Urban Massage chair with Chiro Mode

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Panasonic offers a variety of professional massage chairs, including the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode. The pre-set programs and manual modes allow users to enjoy a professional massage in the comfort of their own home. Equipped with a 14 airbag circulation system, users will experience a professional body massage. The target points include the back, neck, shoulder, legs, thighs, hips, shins, calf muscles and even feet. The firm rubber massage heads and massage modes feel like a professional massage from an actual hand. The chair will also recline to 170 degrees, allowing users to choose a comfortable position. Everything is controlled with an easy-to-use remote control.

Users will benefit greatly from using this Panasonic massage chair. The full body massage will help increase blood circulation and relax the muscles. Users will also find relief from stiffness in the back, hips and thighs. It uses different techniques to target different acupoints of the body. Techniques include Swedish massage and Shiatsu massage. The adjustable features and functions give users the opportunity to create the perfect professional massage experience. Customers who use the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounge experience relaxed muscles, stress relief and an increase in energy levels. Anyone can benefit from using the Panasonic massage recliner chairs, from a busy parent to professional athlete.

Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode Features and Specifications:

  • Includes an easy-to-use remote control for controlling settings
  • Uses air ottoman system for a complete body massage
  • Uses two or four firm rubber massage heads for a professional massage feel
  • Features four pre-set programs, which are Chiro, Swedish, Shiatsu and Quick Mode
  • Features eight manual modes, which are Kneading, Swedish, Soft Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Tapping, Compression, Regional Roll and Full Roll
  • Targets various acupoints in the body, including the back, neck and shoulders
  • Increases blood circulation and energy levels
  • Relieves stress, stiffness and aches in muscles.
  • Reclines back to 170 degrees
  • Available in black and brown

Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger with Chiro Mode Reviews:

4.5 stars The Panasonic massage chair has received a mixture of reviews from the customers. Customers used a five-star rating system while sharing their reviews. The chair received many four and five star ratings, as well as a single one star rating. The total leaves the chair at four and a half stars. It is always a good idea to read through the reviews on an item before purchasing.

The massage recliner chairs from Panasonic only received one negative review from a customer. The customer does not think the chair does a good job with the massages. The chair is also loud, which we know can be a pain for users. The delivery method was mentioned, as the chair was left outside when delivered.

One customer who gave the chair a four star rating is happy with the product, but does warn other users not to try all the settings in one day because the muscles need to adjust to the settings. Another customer does not think the chair replaces a hand massage, but would recommend the chair to others. The chair is also great for pregnant woman who need to sit back and relax. The chair was left outside when delivered, which is why the chair has received four out of five stars.

Most of the customers who reviewed the Panasonic massage chair gave it five out of five stars. Customers are extremely happy with the massage experience from this recliner. The chair is very comfortable and the functions work just fine. The massage modes are great for relieving body aches and stress. Customers who gave the chairs five stars do not think the chair is too loud.

We believe the professional massage chairs from Panasonic is definitely worth the purchase. Most of the customers are happy with the features and functions of the chair. The delivery method is the biggest con from all customers, as the chair is left outside when delivered. We recommend looking into this and arranging to be home on the estimated delivery day.

Anyone who is looking for a professional massage right at home should consider purchasing the Panasonic Urban Massage Lounger. We do not think customers will be disappointed with this purchase.